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Program Analyst

Washington, D.C.

The OCC is an education-driven organization. They focus on training employees to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to perform their job well.

Education: Capital Technology University, BS in business administration
Joined OCC: 2015

Starting at the OCC

I’ve always wanted to work for the federal government and was specifically interested in the U.S. Department of the Treasury. I joined the National Diversity Internship Program after representatives visited my campus and introduced me to the program at the agency. The internship aligned with my career goals and offered the flexibility to continue my education. As an intern, I worked primarily in the External Outreach and Minority Affairs (EOMA) unit. Now, I work in EOMA full time as a program analyst.

Daily Work

On a typical day, I interact with our external customers, prepare reports on minority hot topics, and provide technical support for two program managers and a senior advisor. I also help prepare and disseminate educational materials to our constituents at conferences throughout the year.

During My Internship

Even as an intern, I was encouraged to participate in training. I worked in the Public Affairs department but took advantage of attending workshops and financial seminars offered to employees in other departments. I wanted to learn more about the industry and attended as many seminars as possible to better understand the agency’s overall mission.

Professional Development and Training

The OCC is an education-driven organization. They emphasize training to ensure employees have the knowledge and skills to perform their job well. The OCC offers an online training program to all employees and interns, if you’re interested in learning more about a topic.

My Favorite Thing About My Job

Building relationships with the public and other affinity organizations is the most enjoyable part of my job. I like networking, attending events, and interacting with the internal and external customers we work with every day.

Outside of Work

I am an active volunteer in my community, especially with the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington. I enjoy attending social events, traveling, and cooking with my family and friends.

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