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Human Resources Specialist

Washington, D.C.

Our culture is constantly changing for the better. During my time here, I’ve seen it evolve to be more people-focused and receptive to work/life balance.

Education: University of Maryland, MS in human resources management; Frostburg State University, BS in business administration
Joined OCC: 2011

My Path to the OCC

I started as an information technology (IT) intern at the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) in 2008, where I worked during time off from college. I always enjoyed my human resources (HR) classes during college and asked to transfer to that department. Once I graduated, I started working full time in HR with the OTS before it merged with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

My Day-to-Day Work

In the HR department, we typically perform casework or help employees with unexpected issues. In the past year, I’ve started focusing on reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities or impairments. It’s rewarding to work with someone with a disability, or help someone suffering from an injury do their job more effectively.

Advancing in My Career

I’ve attended many training courses and conferences over the past few years. I’m working toward my American with Disabilities Act Coordinator certification. The OCC also supported me when I was working toward my master’s degree. The OCC encourages continuing education. Supervisors proactively ask staff members if they’d like to participate in training opportunities.

On Our Culture

During my time here, I’ve seen the agency’s culture evolve to be more focused on employee development and work/life balance. Because of the career flexibility the OCC offers, it’s not unusual to see people switch departments. If you’re interested in a different field of work, you may have the opportunity to move within the agency.

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