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Bank Examiner, Asset Management

Chicago, Ill.

My work here is challenging and I’ve had the opportunity to move around the country and work with so many different people.

Education: George Washington University, MS in taxation; Michigan State University, BA in international relations
Joined OCC: 2006

Discovering the Position

I started my career in public accounting and eventually moved to bank brokerage. I knew I wanted to make a career change, and came across the opportunity with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).  The description sounded like a great fit, so I applied.

My Daily Work

I specialize in asset management and cover asset management business lines within the bank, including wealth management and trusts for OCC’s Large Bank Supervision. We typically work in the institutions we supervise, and I spend most of my day meeting with bankers and reviewing materials.

What I Love About My Job

This position ties everything I’ve learned in the industry together. My work here is challenging and interesting. I work with talented people, and I’ve had the opportunity to move around the country and work with many different people. I’ve worked on four different teams in four different banks. I started in Chicago.  Within a year, I relocated to New York to work on two high profile banks, and later moved back to Chicago when an opportunity became available.

On Work/Life Balance

The agency supports a healthy work/life balance. Employees have flexible schedules and are encouraged to take time off.

On Mentoring

I’m passionate about the agency’s mentoring programs because I benefited from OCC mentors who took an interest in me. I’m a member of the Network of Asian Pacific Americans and served as the coordinator for our mentoring program. We try to learn as much as we can about members in the program to ensure that mentor and mentee fully benefit from the relationship.

Outside of Work

After moving back to Chicago, I’ve cut my commute time down to 10 minutes.  I now have plenty of time outside of work to pursue my passions—family, friends, food, fitness, and film.

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