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Are you interested in providing professional support and advice to employees and management? Do you like working with people in a team-oriented environment that respects diversity and individual contributions? Then a business and operations support career at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) may be the right choice for you. Here is a brief overview of jobs and responsibilities:


  • Provide library, conference, design, and supply services
  • Negotiate leases for nationwide facilities
  • Ensure building and personnel security
  • Administer the records management program

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Diversity and Inclusion

  • Promote equal employment opportunity for employees and applicants
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to employment and advancement
  • Process and resolve EEO complaints
  • Conduct diversity studies of workforce and business activities
  • Manage diversity programs
  • Consult on diversity related issues and training


  • Formulate and execute the operating plan and budget
  • Maintain daily accounting system operations
  • Design, enhance, and implement financial systems
  • Monitor and review revenues

Human Resources

  • Recruit and hire employees
  • Design and administer employee compensation and benefits programs
  • Implement work life programs
  • Develop performance, leave, grievance, and discipline programs

Strategic Management/Organizational Effectiveness

  • Facilitate the development of a plan to meet strategic goals
  • Assist in measuring OCC’s strategy and its effectiveness
  • Design strategy and measurement feedback through an agency-wide Balanced Scorecard
  • Ensure the agency works on the right things first
  • Discuss, measure, and review data and update the agency strategy to sustain progress
  • Identify, document, and control strategically critical processes that drive value for the OCC, its stakeholders, and the public
  • Review the strategies periodically to prioritize as needed
  • Use standard tools that provide information to management for their consideration in developing strategy, actions, and change
  • Facilitate audits and evaluations of agency functions
  • Provide support and analysis for agency programs

Acquisition Management

  • Award and administer supply and service contracts
  • Develop and implement procurement policy
  • Ensure small business contracting opportunities

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