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Practicing law at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) involves all aspects of national bank and federal savings association organization and operations. OCC legal practice reflects the evolution occurring in the financial services industry today, and is characterized by breadth of subject matter, globalization of financial services, sophistication of clientele, diversity of population affected by agency regulation, scope of individual responsibility, and the constant opportunity to hone legal skills and gain substantive knowledge in new areas.

Experienced attorneys and other law professionals who would like information about current openings should visit the Apply section on this site.

Honors Attorney Program for Entry-level attorneys - Recent law school graduates, law school graduates completing a course of study within the last two years, and individuals who are completing judicial clerkship programs, must apply through the Chief Counsel’s Honors Attorney Program.

Internships are offered each year for law school students.

More About the Law Department

As an innovative supervisory agency, the OCC requires a forward-thinking, creative, and intellectually rigorous legal staff. Attorneys for the OCC

  • develop innovative precedential opinions on contemporary issues in the financial services industry,
  • enforce national bank and federal savings association compliance through administrative actions,
  • develop banking regulations and legislation to modernize banking law,
  • handle international banking issues and negotiate international supervisory arrangements, and
  • represent the Comptroller in litigation.

Bank regulatory practice at the OCC involves all aspects of national bank and federal savings association organization and operations, and in this sense is truly a "federal" corporate law practice. In addition, the OCC is one of the few agencies that litigates its own cases in the federal courts.

Why We are Unique

The mission of the OCC is to ensure the systemic health of national banks and federal savings associations, and the Law Department supports this mission. OCC legal practice is conducted in four practice groups in Washington and four other offices (Chicago, Dallas, Denver and New York). These working units of select attorneys consistently deliver high-quality legal services to agency policy makers, supervisory offices, and the public. The groups provide a supportive, cooperative, and productive atmosphere for learning and applying this dynamic area of law. Rotations and transfers among the four practice groups in Washington and the other offices may be possible


The OCC provides one of the best benefits programs in government. Although part of the federal government, the OCC has a more flexible salary and benefits program than most other government offices. Many benefits are paid for by the agency, at no cost to employees, while others are generously subsidized.

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