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Attorney, Bank Advisory

Washington, D.C.

Education: Columbia Law School, JD ; Princeton University, BA in public policy and international affairs
Joined OCC: 2012

My Path to the OCC

I spent a lot of time in college and law school deciding what area of law to study. I held positions with the U.N. and different federal agencies, including the State Department, during and after college. My initial interests were languages, international affairs, and human rights. I entered law school, about the same time the most recent financial crisis began. It was a dynamic time to study financial law, and I had some very influential professors. As a result, I shifted my focus to the financial industry.

My Favorite Thing About the OCC

My favorite thing is the constant opportunities to learn at the OCC. This is a great time to work in legal protections, and there are constant opportunities to strengthen my skills. I get to examine critical policy and legal issues facing our financial system and analyze regulations that protect consumers.

Support From Day One

One of the most valuable experiences for a junior OCC attorney is to participate in a real bank examination. By pairing an examiner with an attorney, it helps both parties better understand the roles they play during bank exams. In my case, I had an extremely rewarding experience in St. Louis, where I worked on an examination for two weeks. That type of support is common at the OCC. Managers listen to employees to ensure their voices are heard. The Honors Attorney Program, is designed to enhance development of entry-level of attorneys.

Employee Network Groups (ENG)

I’m a member of PRIDE and The Women’s Network. Both groups host influential speakers, including members of Congress and leading advocates of minority groups.  Everyone in the agency is welcome to attend these events. It’s always meaningful to see executive management sitting in the front row of ENG events and showing support for employees.  

Outside of Work

I take full advantage of living in D.C. I like to run in the district and attend the spin classes held at the gym in our building. I also enjoy reading for leisure.

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