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Examiners experience unparalleled exposure to the financial services industry and are respected advisors to the industry they regulate. Examiners interact with all levels of bank management and complete a wide range of analytical and bank supervisory activities at bank and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) offices. They use a risk-based examination approach to assess a bank’s condition and identify potential problems. Through a program of continuing education and career development, OCC examiners expand their knowledge and skills. They apply their technical expertise and interpersonal skills in an industry with increasingly sophisticated products and services.

While some experienced examiners become specialists, many field examiners are generalists who are focused on the overall safety and soundness of the banks they examine. Field examiners may work in midsize, community, or large banks.

Midsize and community bank field examiners work mainly in cities that are home to community banks and will likely be based in one of the OCC’s field offices across the country. Large bank examiners work in cities where large national banks are headquartered. These examiners work full-time on the premises of large banks because of the need to interact frequently with bank personnel who are experts in their business fields.


Midsize and community bank examiners travel extensively and frequently from Monday through Friday. Weekend travel is rare.

  • While travelling, you will work with a team, typically three to 10 other examiners.
  • For the most part, you will travel independently to a bank for an examination.
  • The type and frequency of travel vary depending on the location of your assigned field office. Some offices require more travel to rural areas, while others require more travel to metropolitan areas.
  • See estimated overnight travel percentages by field office location.
  • You may have long commutes; the main method of transportation from most OCC offices is by privately-owned vehicles.
  • The OCC offers various transportation benefits, including mileage reimbursement, public transit subsidies (if you are traveling to a bank), and full coverage of air and train fees.
  • When you travel more than 50 miles from your residence, you are generally eligible for lodging (hotel, motel, or bed & breakfast) expenses.
  • While traveling, you are compensated with a pre-established per diem to cover daily meals and incidental expenses.
  • The OCC’s flexible work schedules and holiday schedule reduce the number of days you are in travel status.

Large bank examiners are typically located at the main office of the institution they are assigned but at times and depending upon their respective specialty areas there will be the need for travel. This will include other locations where the bank conducts activity or assisting examiners at other bank locations. Large bank examiners can expect to travel approximately 30% of the time depending upon their location.

How to Apply

Field examiner opportunities are announced as positions become available. Visit the Apply section of this site for more information.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The OCC is dedicated to ensuring equal opportunity for all applicants. All employment decisions are made without regard to non-merit factors, such as race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, protected genetic information, sexual orientation, parental status, marital status, or political affiliation. The OCC provides reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities.

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