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Community Affairs Department employees at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) apply their community and economic development skills to a broad range of issues affecting national banks and federal savings associations. The Community Affairs Department is staffed by professionals from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, from economics and finance to urban planning.

Positions in the OCC’s Community Affairs Department may be available in one of three areas—Community Affairs Policy, Community Development, and Community Affairs Outreach. All positions require experience in one or more specialized areas of CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) and community and economic development, including small business, affordable single-family mortgages, multifamily housing, and mixed-use development.

The Community Affairs staff works directly with OCC management, banking officials, community and economic development organizations and intermediaries, government agencies, and developers of private finance tools.

Job responsibilities may include

  • analyzing proposed policies and guidance for examiners and lenders.
  • monitoring lending and investing instruments designed for bank participation.
  • developing publications that highlight best practices and opportunities in community development.
  • providing technical assistance to banks and their community development partners.
  • maintaining outreach efforts to community-based organizations, government officials, community and economic development umbrella organizations and partners, and others.
  • participating in working groups and task forces focused on expanding access to credit and ensuring safe and sound lending practices.
  • administering the Community Development Corporation and Community Development Projects and Other Public Welfare Investments programs on national bank investments.
  • designing and conducting research and training to help underserved communities reach economic stability.

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