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Pathways Internship Program

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The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) hires high-caliber, self-motivated students for internships that offer invaluable work experience. Our interns make significant contributions to the OCC’s mission through meaningful projects and assignments.

Pathways Internships are available in the following business areas:

Qualifications and Type of Degree

For the Pathways Summer Internship Program, applicants must be seeking any type of degree including a high school diploma. For all other Pathways internships, generally applicants should be pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree. The type of degree required depends on the position and the qualifications needed.

Eligibility Requirements

Pathways applicants must be

  • at least 16 years of age,
  • accepted for enrollment or enrolled and seeking a degree
  • in good academic standing.

Length of Internship

Opportunities may be temporary, or may lead to a permanent (or in rare cases, a term) position at the OCC.

To convert to a permanent or term position, an intern must

  • be in a position without an ending date,
  • complete at least 640 hours of work experience during the internship experience,
  • successfully complete the internship,
  • complete the degree or certificate requirements, and
  • meet the qualification requirements of the position to which the intern will convert.

Temporary internships are not eligible for conversion to permanent or term positions.

Application Process

OCC posts available internships on USAJOBS. To apply to one or more internships listed above, visit, click on the Students and Recent Graduates link, and use the search criteria on the left to look for OCC internships. Follow the job announcement directions to apply.

Note: Applicants must have a USAJOBS account to apply for OCC internships. Instructions for establishing an account are on the site.

For each announcement, applicants must submit a resume, an unofficial transcript (or proof of school enrollment on official school stationary), and a DD-214 if claiming veterans’ preference. Directions on how to submit are included in the announcement. If an applicant accepts an internship, an official transcript will be required prior to appointment.

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