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Bank Supervision Policy Analyst

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At the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), bank supervision policy analysts are dedicated to developing consistent and effective supervisory and accounting policy guidance and interpretation for bank examiners and bankers that assists in promoting a safe, sound and competitive federal banking system.

Bank supervision policy analysts develop and interpret financial regulation, contribute to interagency and international financial regulatory working groups and committees, prepare congressional testimony and support OCC field examiners in their work with community, midsize, and large banks. Our policy analysts come from diverse backgrounds including economists, accountants, lawyers, technology specialists, risk analysts, bank examiners, and experienced industry professionals. Policy work is intellectually challenging and presents an opportunity to make a real difference in one of the nation's most important economic sectors.

Bank Supervision Policy

The Bank Supervision Policy Department seeks to be the leader within the financial regulatory community in providing timely information, analysis, policy guidance, and examination procedures; enhancing effective supervision; and identifying and addressing consumer harm. The Bank Supervision Policy Department is located at OCC Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Our policy analysts support bank examiners, bankers, OCC senior management, and other OCC constituents on emerging risk and supervisory issues that confront the financial system, national banks, and federal savings associations.

Our policy analysts focus on the same risk classes that are reflected in the OCC’s banking supervision framework: Asset Management, Bank Information Technology, Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering, Capital Markets, Commercial Credit, Compliance, Mortgage Banking, Operational Risk, and Retail Credit.

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